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Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Walk this Way}

One of my favorite things about where we live is that our house is situated on a road that has VERY little traffic yet we are just minutes away from the "main street", mall, restaurants and grocery stores. I guess it kinda satisfies my love of big cities. Although I can't walk outside, buy flowers, pick up a paper, and hail a cab like most city folks can, I can make the best of what I've got. And I have a sneaky suspicion that after a few routine days of urban life, I'd be begging to have my little house in this little town back:) But it's fun to pretend....

One way we do that is by taking walks to the nearest grocery store. It's fun to carry your own reusable bag (ashamedly, I forgot to grab one this time) , fill it up, and walk home. So much more enjoyable than going in the car. Trav and I get a chance to talk and spend quality time together and we all get exercise. And that sweet Golden Retriever needs all the exercise she can get because she will eat ANYTHING that doesn't eat her first! This trip, all we needed was a loaf of whole wheat bread so Trav waited outside with Glory while I went in for the goods.
A few minutes later, we were headed back home, groceries in tow:) I'll reuse the plastic bag and try to remember my own next time.
We made it home just as the sun went down. It was one of those wonderful kind of nights:) I think I'll keep my little house in a little town---and just keep pretending...


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