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Friday, July 20, 2012

{Thrifted Outfit+Products I'm Loving!}

Today's Thrifted Outfit:

Skinny Jeans-$1 from GW
Top/tunic-$1 from GW
Shoes- 30 cent from last trip to GWCC
Belt- 30 cent from last trip to GWCC
Purse-given to me by my Aunt Fran

Total= $2.60 :)

And since I haven't done it in awhile, here's a few quick product superlatives I'm loving right now!


Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Dazzling Sangria---smells and tastes fabulous and is a great color! You can find it on clearance for $1.75 right now:)

#2-Dry Shampoo:

Loving the Suave brand--smells so great and just $2.00 and some change.

#3-Coffee Drink:

Still hooked on the Skinny Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks:)


I've been in an Estee Lauder Pleasures kind of mood lately!


That's easy! The clove candy sticks from Cracker Barrel---8 sticks for $1.00!

#6-Hair Accessories:
My new purple clip in piece that I found at Dollar Tree. My pink one broke :(

#7- Hair Accessory 2:
Ali's "bow" is actually a man's neck tie wrapped around her head and secured in a neat little bow. Isn't that a cute idea? :)

#8- Hair 'Do:
The classic and easy ponytail!
#9- Chapstick:

I'm using the new Carmex Orange Cream balm---it works miracles and tastes like a popsicle!

#10- New Restaurant: Tokyo Bay in Anderson
Trying to decide what to order:)

The lunch Hibachi Chicken comes with ALL this + a salad or soup for just $4.95 and it's so yummy! I liked the fact that you get a TON of fresh veggies with it!




MJ Goodwin said...

My favorite cheap treat is the QT slushee. Only 49 cents plus tax!

Anna said...

Great list and love that outfit!