"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Thursday, October 11, 2012

{...fat slice of humble pie}

One thing I love about my job is that I'm constantly reminded of each tiny blessing in my life and that helps me put even the biggest "problem" into perspective. And then I realize...there wasn't even a problem to begin with....

I'll tell you about a real problem.

A problem is when you're only 11, you have lived in Foster Care for years, your parent's rights have been terminated by the courts and you can't call them, write them, or even think about them without your heart falling apart---

So you try to put your heart back together-------uhh-gin.

You can't communicate with anyone in your "old family" because legally, they no longer exist.

You move from place to place to place until someone finally decides they'll "keep you"---like a new pet.

But then you aren't as easy or as cheap as they thought you'd be...so they send you on your merry little way.  

And slowly, you forget what it's even like living in a family and decide that the whole idea is just stupid anyway.


But then....I see a little bitty bit of joy hiding on that child's face. It's there somewhere.

Sometimes I find it with cool new pair of shoes, a pat on the back, a genuine smile, or a shared glance that says "I understand"...

Sometimes I find it with  a Happy Meal, a silly face, a new sticker, or a great big hug that says "you ARE special!"....

And that's when he has hope that this problem wont' last long...

---only until he's part of a family that lasts forever.

~My heart is heavy tonight for children who are trying to put their hearts back together at this very moment---Lord, please BLESS them and glue their heart's back together for good!~


Jennifer said...

YES LORD!! Bless these little ones with broken homes and broken hearts! You have no idea how often we have this discussion around here! I was crying while I was reading that post, Laura! On the (sort of) other side of the coin, we have had a little baby since she was almost 6 weeks old and now that she's four months old, we are hearing we'll probably have to let her go back to her family again at Christmas :( All of her 1sts have been with us. She knows US--She loves US....and we have a very good idea of what she might be going back to :( "The system"...the sad, sad "system". I want to adopt every single one of those kids myself! God bless you for what you do!

Laura said...

I swear you made me pull out the kleenex box! I sent you a comment of facebook but wanted to say that I admire YOU so much! My job isn't the hard job...it's the super special people like YOU who are willing to get in the trenches and do the hard work of raising the children with love and giving them a family, not knowing what the future holds. You are so SPECIAL girl! Praying for you all!

sarah ertzberger said...

I've been thinking alot about children without parents too glad you posted this!