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Monday, October 15, 2012

{In need of a ROUTINE!}

Travis and I really are a match made in Heaven.

There are so many reasons why but tonight's post involves one that allows us to live in peace and harmony most of the time...

We are both incredibly messy, unorganized (sort of), and "fly by the seat of our pants" (totally!) kind of people. Since we are both this way, we never argue over who left their shoes laying in the hallway or who left the cap off the toothpaste. At any given time either one of us could be culprit. Since neither one of us is really that concerned with the proper way to load a dishwasher or the linen washing schedule we are never nagging each other to get things done. Although this kind of laid back lifestyle makes for lots of excitement...it can also lots of chaos!!! (As in--OMG!!!!---What happened to this house!???!!)

For example, we both need to be at work by 8:30 am and we're rarely out of bed by 8:05. This means, to make it to work on time, we run around like mad people, throw on some matching clothes, and hobble out the door with a slung together pb&j breakfast (if we're lucky:) and a cup of coffee---which Travis normally spills on his work shirt going out the door. Not again....

We have absolutely no rhyme or reason to our day. (other than going to work since their are bills that seem to show up in the mailbox every month for some reason:) There are no chores we do daily, no wake-up times, no bedtimes, no nothing...and this is scary because we don't even have kids yet and barely manage to get everything done in a day. Yikes! We do try to feed the pets most day. Kidding.

On the other hand, since we often DON'T get around to "important" things like laundry, breakfast, and doing the dishes, we are able to make time for the fun stuff like long walks with Glory, watching movies and snuggling, going out to eat late at night, playing family feud on the laptop until 2 am, and the list goes on and on.

What we need is a balance of the two. So I'm setting up a schedule that I think will help us manage to live like normal people while still having tons of FUN time, too!

New Rada Rules:

1. We will empty the sink and dishwasher every night before bed.
2. We will finish all laundry that is in the washer or dryer daily, including folding and hanging it all up.
3. I will shower at night and put my outfit together the night before.

These are so simple that implementing a PLAN to do these things might seem silly to some but for us they're a necessity. I think these three simple tasks will make all the difference in the world for having a tidy home and peace of mind...and more room for more spur of the moment fun stuff, too!

Hopefully, since we're also trying to start a family, this will help us prepare for the SHOCK of being a Mom and Dad for the first time. At least I hear it's quite the adjustment. Probably even more for us extremely left-brained couples:)

Well, since it's 11:15 now I'm thinking it would be wise to implement the bedtime rule now.


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Anna said...

You will be so glad you did this. Parenthood is an amazing adventure, but it's definitely a challenge!

It's good to have some structure and balance, especially since children thrive on schedules.