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Monday, November 12, 2012

{6 AMAZING years....}

Feels like just yesterday we said "I do." But it's actually been 2,190 days. So many good---a handful of bad---but through it all we've grown to love and respect each other more and more every day. I feel so blessed to have someone who knows and loves me so intimately to share my life with and to be my best friend.

Now...on to our celebration weekend :)
We decided to go camping! It's so pretty outside right now and we wanted to enjoy nature for the weekend. Plus it's super affordable and super relaxing!
Trav got the tent set up (it's getting a little easier every time...hehe)
After all that hard work, we went to the restaurant there on-site (we actually ate there every meal because it was much more convenient than cooking at the campsite) and had a delicious seafood buffet.
We chowed down on seafood during last year's anniversary trip, too. Some things never change I guess:)

Everything was so BEAUTIFUL!

And Glory was such a good girl the entire trip!
She had so much fun playing outside with us. From horseshoes, to tennis, to tetherball, and loooong walks...we did it all!

Although it got down to 37 degrees the first night, our little heater (plus some snuggling:) kept us warm :) At night we watched movies and played games in the tent. We slept like babies until after 9 am every morning and then went back up to the restaurant for a big breakfast.
Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal and I wish I could have one like this every morning :) One day it was actually free because their credit machine was down and they couldn't run cards so...Happy Anniversary to us...lol!

From then...
Edisto 2011
to now....
Hickory Knob 2012
...one year has given us so many gifts and memories to cherish forever! We are blessed!


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :O)
You truly are blessed!