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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I would like to preface this picture by saying.... THIS THE REAL DEAL!!!
Untouched...unedited...I just woke up this morning looking THIS good!!!

It's not easy but somebody's gotta do it :)

Anyway...on to DEALS! DEALS! DEALS!!!!
I hit Burke's Outlet on the PERFECT DAY! 95% CLEARANCE!!!

The receipt was a MILE long (so now you know why there's no pic of it:)

The haul included:

4 pair of sunglasses
4 beach bags
5 pairs of panama jack flip flops
2 Almay liquid bronzers
1 Estee Lauder lipstick
2 pair of rampage sandals
2 pair of cute summer flip flops
5 pocket books
2 slip-n-slides
1 giant blow up walrus for the pool
2 kiddie pools
1 disc thrower game
8 new pair of panties
5 new pair of socks
1 witch to put up for next Halloween
1 bathing suit
1 adidas running shirt for Trav
2 Christmas cd's
1 pair of pajama shorts
2 sleep shirt gift packages

 ...Those new clothes :)...

And a Diet Coke!

The GRAND TOTAL: $42.30!!!! And I'm gonna have awesome beach bags made up for my sistah-friends next summer :)

Three items were at normal price, too and it was STILL such a good deal :) I love shopping there when I can find the good DOTS!

Yesterday, I fixed my hair....hehe!!!...
and we went to see the Clemson Tigers play! :)
...and today Molly and Makayla joined us for breakfast at iHop. Trav went to play golf with his Dad and the girls did a little Christmas shopping at the Holly Jolly Holiday Fair.

It was a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! I am more THANKFUL than ever for my family and friends!!!


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leslie said...

Burke's without me!!! :(