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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My friend "J-Lowe!"

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my friend and BEAUTIFUL BEAUTICIAN...LOL...Jessica Lowe...AKA...J-Lowe!

We've been friends for about six years now and she's been doing my hair for that long too! I was her very first client and we had so much fun experimenting with my hair and hanging out together! She's such a special girl and she is now getting the opportunity to open her own salon on Clemson Blvd and it's going to be VERY AWESOME!

I got my hair done last week and here's a pic of Jessica's awesome work...she does wonders! If you've been looking for someone who you can be sure will do a good job, just give Jessica a call! I promise you'll walk out feeling much better than you did when you walked in! If you want her number I'll be happy to share it with ya. Until her new shop opens she's working at Lasting Impressions on Pearman Dairy Road here in Anderson.

Yea for GOOD HAIR DAYS thanks to my VERY GOOD FRIEND!!!

Thanks J-Lowe!

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