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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Braves, Sushi, and Bears....Oh My!!!

Our Labor Day trip to Atlanta was a BLAST!

We hit the road early Sunday morning and stopped to get some cash...And check the air in the tires....
And eat a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel!!!
Trav didn't wanna take a pic in the restaurant at the risk of looking dorky, lol, so I made him snap this pic as we rode by so I could document our good breakfast! haha!

And then we hit the road.
When we first got to Atlanta we found our hotel which was right across from Turner Field so we were able to park there and walk right over. The game was super fun although the Braves couldn't pull out the win...oh well! We enjoyed Hot Dogs and Pretzels and our cool seats in the shade!
After the game we walked back to the hotel and got checked in. While I spruced up a bit Trav looked up sushi restaurants in the area and found one he thought we'd like...and he was RIGHT! It was called Sushi- Yu-Ka which is funny because I have a Japanese friend named Yuka! lol! We polished it off in NO TIME!....Then after dinner we drove to Buckhead to a movie! It was such a nice area with awesome little shops every where and people everywhere!
We saw Extract and it was actually very very funny...I tried to ignore the few crude parts...so overall I thought it was a good laugh! Travis swears he saw one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta drive by us in an 8 series BMW but I couldn't see to confirm but...I think I believe him! lol! He said he was pretty sure so that was kinda neat...he saw a wanna-be celebrity! LOL!

After the movie we were pretty tired! We got slightly lost trying to get back to the hotel but Travis was able to get us back before we knew it. It's so easy to get lost in all that traffic. Traffic everywhere...all day!

Monday morning we woke up, ate breakfast at the hotel and then went to ZOO Atlanta! Me and Trav are total suckers for Zoo's so we had a BLAST!!!
We saw a wart hog eat a tube of lipgloss that was dropped into his cage. He chewed it for a little while, grunted a few times, and then spit out the top! How funny! There were Panda Bears, Gorilla's, Elephants and so many other facinating animals! We loved seeing them all!
Yep, this is the little guy who ate the bubble gum chap stick! See how shiny his lips are now! lol!
They were wrestling like just like little children...it was amazing!!!This Elephant, Tara, has lived at ZOO Atlanta for the past 27 years!!! She's a happy elephant!I could have stayed in the petting zoo all day...you just had to watch out for the droppings! HA!Trav made a little friend too at the petting zoo!The Giant Panda's will have to go back to China in a year if Atlanta doesn't raise enough money to be able to support them in the zoo...
I forgot what this little guy is called but I think he was having a bad day or had a bad headache! Travis feeding the Parakeet!
I wish I had a real baby elephant like this!

Finally, on the way home from Atlanta we stopped in Hartwell and had a cook out with the Fam! We took a long walk on the dam, had hamburgers, beans, chips, and a yummy cookie cake, picked muscadines, and just enjoyed each other's company!Yea for a short weekend that felt like a nice little vacation!!!

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to spend quality time together and thank God for all the many ways he shows us how much we are loved....by others and by HIM!

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