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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Get Away...ATL here we come!

Slight change of plans..

Tickets didn't come in time for the behind the scenes tour at the Aquarium so we are planning on going to ZOO Atlanta instead...which sounds just as fun! I love the Zoo and can't wait! And I found an old Braves Jersey I bought when I was in college to wear to the game...how fun!

Itenirary (no clue how to spell that!):


8 am-breakfast at Cracker Barrel (and shopping in the little country store...LOVE IT!)
10 am- hit the interstate and head to Atlanta
12 pm ish- park at hotel and walk to Turner Field
Whenever game is over- Sushi dinner and maybe a movie...possibly the new Sandra Bullock movie...can't think of the name right now but it looks very funny!)


Whenever we wake up!!!- Breakfast at hotel
Then- ZOO!!!
Finally- maybe I can convince Trav to stop at some thrift stores and then coming on home

I can't wait!!!

Oh yeah...don't forget to wear your favorite team logo to Chic-fil-A Monday to get a free chic-fil-A sandwich!

So...Trav had to work today so I'm just hanging out at home, getting ready for the trip!

I did take a little trip to Haven of Rest and found some goodies...got Molly what looks to be a brand new pregnancy book...I hope she likes it! I found one of those little gadgets that separates egg whites from the yolks and a few other little trinkets...a total of $2.60....BIG SPENDER! LOL!

I just finished watching Madea goes to Jail and I haven't laughed so much in a long time! It was hilarious! I loved it...rent it tonight if you haven't seen it!

Gotta get the Swiffer Wet Jet going and get the house clean so we can hit the road...I just hate going on a trip and leaving a dirty home behind...because you gotta come back to it eventually! Ha! So I guess I'll get to mopping so I can come home to a clean house!

Yea for T-Minus 17 hours until our weekend get-away!

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