"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My girls!

Nikki, Kayla, Faith, and Kristen invited me and Molly to join them at Wild Wings tonight so of course...

We did!

We had so much fun and after some terrible service...See Good Golly Miss Molly...lol....Kayla got her food for free since we were all pretty much finished eating when she FINALLY got hers and I got 24 free wings for Trav! Still not sure why he decided I got mine for free but I'm definitely not complaining!

The only sad part of the night was that we left before Kayla and Kristen got to sing Karaoke but maybe next time!

Plans for tomorrow...
Hoping the McCallisters can come over for dinner! Trav and I are going to the Wednesday night service because we will be out of town Sunday for a little Labor Day Get Away! Trav got us tickets for a Braves game, a nice hotel, and backstage passes/tickets for the Georgia Aquarium! Can't wait to spend a FUN WEEKEND with my WONDERFUL HUSBAND but first...three more days of work to go!

"Are you a cell phone technician???" Huh??? "Oh....Do you know Paris Hilton!" LoL!

P.S . Update: Molly and baby are both still doing GREAT and Molly is still feeling pretty good! Please keep them in your prayers!


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Molly McKnight said...

Aww.. the pictures turned out really cute! I hope Trav enjoyed all his free wings! I know you are sooo excited for your get away! That will be a blast!!