"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Exciting Stuff....

My sister Molly has decided on a name for my soon-to-arrive Neice...Click HERE for more info!!!

Preacher Tony is starting a new series on Heaven tomorrow morning and I'm very excited! My heart is longing to learn more on that topic...

Yesterday was my sister Nikki's 22nd BIRTHDAY! I love you Nikki and I'm very excited about all the WONDERFUL thing this next year holds for you like....YOUR WEDDING!!! And I'm looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow in Elberton!

Last night we had a wonderful dinner with Ken, Lynn, Patrick, Bette and Nun Nun to celebrate Patrick and Ken's birthday! Spaghetti, salads, garlic bread...THE WORKS! And boy was it delicious! But as delicious as the food was...I enjoyed the company even more! We chatted for what seemed like hours and I just had a great time hearing funny stories from the past and looking forward to making new memories in the future!

I also just ate a banana with peanut butter "slathered" on it and it was like a little piece of heaven...I'm not sure why is was so good but IT WAS! I wanna eat another one but at the risk of being a pig I'm gonna TRY to pass...

Lastly for this post, I had an amazing lunch with my friends Ann and Jessica today. We met at Panera Bread (along with everyone else from Anderson..lol...it was THAT crowded!)and I got my FAV...French onion soup!...and we had fun sharing stories about our cats and getting to know each other better. I am looking forward to another "friend day" very soon!Yea!

I guess I'm done with my ramblings for now and I hope everyone has a GREAT day of rest and Worship tomorrow!!!

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