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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Turn your trash into someone's TREASURE!

Hi out there!

For all who know me...you know that I am very thrifty and I HATE seeing things thrown away or going to waste. I have been weeding some unneeded things from my home (trying to de-clutter!) and have been looking for good homes for these items. The stuff usually ends up at Haven of Rest where I know it's going to a good cause and likely going to be used by someone who really needs it! I also noticed that there are a few things I actually need so before purchasing any of the items I'm recruiting your help!

I am in need of:

1. a large serrated bread knife
2. Spreaders (like the kind you would use to spread butter, dips, ect...
3. a book shelf (or two)- any color or style would work

Before I go out and buy these items I just thought I would check with my friends to see if you have any of these items not being used or likely to be trashed or given to goodwill anytime soon. If so...please let me know. And if there's anything you need...please ask...never know what I might not need that you can use!

Yea for turning TRASH into TREASURE!

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GapGirl said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. We are "neighbors!" how cool is that?