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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Product Review!

If you didn't know...

Victoria's Secret is having their SEMI-ANNUAL sale right now and they have lots of cosmetics 75% off!

I got a Christian Siriano for VS makeup bronzer/highlighter trio for $4 (lucky for me because I had just ran out of my bronzer!), Beauty Rush Soothing lip balm in Soft Petal for $1.75 and Beauty Rush sparkling shadow in Purple Dazzle. I have already tried the lip balm and I really liked it. It's light pink, sheer, and shiny and is pretty thick so it feels good on your lips. The only thing that I would say I don't really like about it is the scent. It doesn't really have one...just a sorta waxy scent. Almost like a "chemically" scent so I think I'll be taking that one back. I'll let you know how the shadow and bronzer work as soon as I use them!

I just took a break from watching Revolutionary Road and painting my nails to bake some french fries and make this post...I just LOVE days like this!

Today we were treated to lunch at Red Lobster for Travis's great uncle Bill's 80th birthday! We had a great time seeing people we rarely get to see and enjoying a good time of fellowship with each other. And a free lunch at Red Lobster is NEVER a bad thing! I'm looking forward to posting some pics from New Year's Eve and I'm REALLY looking forward to all the exciting things that 2010 will hold! I'll get a little niece and a brother-in-law in 2010! Yea!

Hope everyone enjoys their first Saturday night of 2010!!!

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