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Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Minimize Me....*update*}

ALL this is sitting in my carport waiting to be picked up tomorrow by Haven of Rest. The neighbors probably think we are high-tailing it outta town :)
At last count, there were over 15 trash bags and random boxes full of things we did not need....and I still have two rooms to go!
My new minimalist wardrobe. I kept only the things I really loved to wear and those that fit me well. I haven't done an inventory yet but I think I got my total clothing in my closet down to under 50 pieces as planned. I was just TOO tired to do anymore organizing or counting tonight ;)
Short stack of pant-cakes....get it? :) I kept 10 pair I think. Gotta do a final count on those tomorrow too. Laundry is in the works so I might find something else I'd rather keep and have to substitute some things out.
Top shelf containing 5 pair of boots. I also kept 2 pair of tennis shoes and about 7 other pairs of shoes including a few sandals for warm winter days. We have those every so often around here:)
And last but not least---a giant laundry basket FULL of hangers that once held unused clothes taking up WAY too much space. What a relief to be rid of it all!

I'll post another update and a final tally with pics tomorrow night (if I can get it all finished!!!)


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MJ Goodwin said...

You inspire me! I really need to do this and just dread the task!