"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{28 feels Gr8 on Feb 8th!}

I'm the big 2-8 today!

I've had so much fun celebrating for several days now---it's been more like a "birthweek" than a "birthday!" But I'm not complaining! Saturday, my Mom, Fran, Granny, sisters, little cuz Camryn, Makayla and I all went to eat lunch together at Olive Garden. It's sorta become our birthday celebration tradition! We chatted and played with Makayla while we waited for our table....
...and eagerly awaited the breadsticks---YUM!
I really enjoyed spending the day with such great peeps!
Molly brought me a balloon and birthday pin and Nikki brought me a cookie cake--THANKS SISTAHS!
They gave me lots of sweet gifts....
...I must have really liked this one! Ha! Ha!
I got lots of new (and awesome) Avon products to try...
...and I intend on using the foot stuff ASAP! (reads: I need a pedicure DESPERATELY!)
A few more presents and a few more breadstick later---
---and my friend Kristen, who works there, brought me a birthday treat:)
I blew out my candle....
...and Makayla finished up the whipped cream. To say she loved it would be a major understatement!
Molly made this cute gift for me:)
and Camryn and Nikki hung out, being totally cute as always:)

When our bellies were completely full (mostly of salad:) we went shopping for a little while.
Camryn got some cute new glasses...isn't she a doll?
My Mom and Dad gave me some birthday money which I put to good use!
By the time we knew it, it was already almost dark:) My time does fly when one is shopping!
We packed up and went across the street to Yogurt Mountain!
We broke out the cookie cake,
and satisfied out sweet teeth! (since there was obviously more than one tooth:)
And this morning I woke up to many phone calls, texts and Happy Birthday wishes~
including this sweet one from Trav!
A special thanks also to Bette and NunNun, Vanessa, Tim, and Hunter, and Ken and Lynn for helping to make my Birthday very special!

It realls DOES feel GR8 to be 28...especially when you feel so loved by some many people!

CRAFTING UPDATE: I bought some fleece, ribbon, and fabric at Hobby Lobby this weekend (courtesy of bday money from Gran and Pop:) and made a Valentine blanket and pillow!
I just hot-glued ribbon along the edge of the fleece and put a bow on each corner.
and hot-glued the fabric over a fiber fill pillow body.
I also made a table runner out of wrapping paper I found for $1 at Target One Spot. It worked really well!

Happy Tuesday to ALL!




Bubba said...

Happy Birthday!!!! And it looks like you had a great celebration! Love you lots! I'll be seeing you soon enough! Love you mostly Bubba Jean

TRADA coming at ya said...

Happy Birthday to the greatest wife on the face of the planet.

J and SE said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great one. I love it when birthday celebrations stretch on and on.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! :O)