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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Is this REALLY Happening???}

Saturday morning I woke up early to get ready for a fun day of Clemson Basketball with Nikki, Ali, and Ty. Travis had to work and couldn't join us :( but was ever so sweet and got tickets for us. Clemson played FSU and dominated the entire game...WOO! WOO! Jacoby Ford was there visiting, which was pretty cool, too! We were having a blast eating mnm's out of our sour cream container (don't ask:) and torturing Ali's boyfriend, Ty, who is an FSU fan! Fun Times!
The game was getting close to being over and I decided to check to make sure the keys were in my purse because I have a HORRIBLE habit of locking them in the car. I drove Ali's car so technically they were ALI'S keys, making it all the worse, and I just had a bad feeling I had lost them. After checking my purse 3 times, making everyone else check their purse 3 times, and crawling around under our seats for awhile....I realized they weren't there....YIKES! I was terrified I had left them in the bathroom and they wouldn't show up and we wouldn't have any keys to get home. We searched high and low, checked lost and found, but still...no keys. We finally decided that yes, I must have locked them in the car, so we began our hike back to the parking late to await our fate....
....and our hunch was correct. There they were, shiny and silver, sitting on the console, perfectly useless to us. BUMMER!
So....for the next (almost) 2 hrs...we tried everything possible before having to call a lock smith. Travis called a policeman that's a client at the bank, we checked Campus Police, and even finally found someone who had a wire coat hanger in their car....but nothing worked and no one was able to help us.
So...we waited and pondered...to see if there was ANY other way.....Nikki shared her oranges, we laughed, we cried, and laughed some more....and Ty ate our last MnM that was supposed to be rationed out into 4ths! Why Ty, Whyyyyy???
We knew the inevitable was closer and closer....time to call a lock smith.
Whatdya' gonna do?
Oh... of course...make funny glasses with our useless coat hanger! Good one, Nik!
It took Randy of Randy's Towing QUITE awhile to get there...
and we were starting to get a little impatient...
and even more silly....
and maybe a little more bummed....
and yes, we pouted a little, too.....
and just when Nikki started licking her burger king coupon for nourishment...LOL...Randy arrived! And that sweet (but slow) guy only charged us $20! YAY!
And we rode home sleepy, slightly stressed, but laughing about our crazy day the whole way!

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Bubba said...

Awww I'm so sorry you locked your keys in your car. That stinks, but it helps that you had people with you to keep you company. Love ya.