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Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Love, after all, matters the most....}


When I got home for work I immediately started crafting... the supplies Mo and I bought at Hobby Lobby during our lunch break were about to burn a whole on my counter! This was my first creation. The wooden plaques were just 40 cent on sale and I just glued them to some ribbon I already had. One for the living room door...

{close up view}
...and one for the kitchen:) It's crooked and I just about burnt my hand off with the hot glue gun so it's just gonna have to work...LOL!
I also took the tray that was laying on my stove top and jazzed it up with a little ribbon and a couple hearts. I put it on a stand and displayed it on my counter. Then, the more I looked at this black frame, the more I disliked it. So I broke out some paint....
...and made it into this!

Isn't it funny that I used a Santa tray to paint on:) I just sponged a little pink over a white base for a pinky cloud kinda texture.

It's much more "Valentiney", don't ya think?

After crafting for awhile I had to run some errands. I went to CVS and came home with some pretty good deals.
Everything you see was just $15. Considering the bronzer normally retails for $12.99 and the Hershey mix is usually $7.00 just by itself, I'd say I got a bargain. I really love the Revlon Natural line and since it'll be spring soon I decided to "spring" for some new "please come out, Sun!" bronzer.

It goes on smooth and adds a nice touch of color.

And if you haven't tried any of the Loreal Hip makeup line-you should! The pigments are rich and saturated and I just love them. This pink looked very nice! Modern too, not the 80's looking frosted pink kind...
I also got some good ole' red nail polish...my fav!

Next, I stopped by Publix...
I had to get some diapers for a friends baby shower and needed some basics. Everything you see cost me $35. And when I looked over my receipt I realized I had made a rookie mistake--I bought things I didn't really need (or even really want) just because I had a coupon. BOO! Shame on me!
So...I just packed up everything that was a waste of money and I'm taking it back to Publix today. Lesson learned!
I did end up SAVING as much as I SPENT {and most of my items were high priced items) but still...I didn't feel great about my purchases and I will feel much better when the items are back at the store and the money is back in my wallet:)
When I got my groceries put up, I organized everthing I needed to make goody bags for my Sunday School class. I can't wait to get them fixed up!
I put my frame back where it belonged---
---and finally settled down to watch the new Storage Wars episode with the hubby.
What a great day! I can tell that LOVE is in the air...can't you?



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