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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{PARTY Sistah-Friend Style!}

Sistah-friend Mo took me out to lunch for my birthday on Tuesday. She's a sweetie:) That morning, I also discovered that my office was decorated and there was a cute jar full of candy and Valentine's day socks on my desk...I really am thankful for my sisters! We decided to go back to BRIOSO for lunch...YUM!
I got the same thing I got last time and it was just as delicious!
I thought Mark's choice looked really tasty, too:)
And to my surprise, all my friends were already there to celebrate with me! Yay!
Decorations and Chocolate Cupcakes!
I'm telling you...this stuff is GOOD!
And courtesy of Brioso, a FABULOUS chocolate apple crepe----SIMPLY DELICIOUS!
Thanks everyone for celebrating with me! I love you guys!


P.S. Mark made me a totally cute birthday card which I'll post soon. Forgot to take a pic---but check them out some of his awesome creations HERE!

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