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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today I'm proud to welcome a guest blogger:) ...and here she is...Miss Sweet Secret! I had these toys (not this exact one) when I was little and my Mom often talks about how much I loved them...and I still do! I keep this one in my purse:) Her two Galoob Sweet Secret friends from the early 1980's, mouse and dog, are up for auction on Ebay right now.
I'm axiously awaiting to see how it turns out...I hope they find good homes! {sorry about the crooked pic...I just couldn't get it to rotate...ugh!}

My other current auctions are a matching set of ALF pillowcases....

...and a matching set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pillowcases. They already have watchers so wish me luck:)

And now...for some STYLE!

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING this red and pink look from New York & Company! I think I'll make something similar my Christmas Eve outfit this year:)

I also LOVE this tone on tone look, also from New York & Company. Gonna have to try that one out, too!

Happy THURSDAY....(as we look forward to FRIDAY!!!)



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