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Monday, December 5, 2011

{Sparkle & Sell}

Hi friends!
Me and Molly were playing around in Claire's during lunch and found some cute Christmas Accessories! You could disquise yourself as Rudolph...
...our don a pair of fancy, frilly earmuffs...which were my personal fav!

I haven't done much Christmas baking yet but I did manage to whip out some homemade sugar cookies for dessert last week. Yum! This weekend I set up a Be Radiant booth at the Bowman Christmas Bazaar:)
My sweet sister-friend Nikki came and helped me set everything up and decorated my table:) She did a fantastic job! I felt so blessed as friends, family, and perfect strangers stepped up to sample my scrub. I ended up selling half of what I brought which was my goal---so YAY!

Later, Molly and Makayla came to join us and have some Christmas fun:)
Ali was in the parade....
...and we saw lots of other family members there, too!
After trying our luck at the cake walk many (too many!) times, Molly finally won on the last try!
Go Mo! Enjoy your cake since it ended up costing us a fortune! He! He!

Happy Monday!


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