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Saturday, December 10, 2011

{Peas and Thank Yous!}

Today was a FUN day with our "pod" Molly, Nikki, and We's Mama...AKA: "Happy"....who very sweetly planned the whole thing for her little peas:) THANK YOU MOM!

So...first things first! We had Cracker Barrel for breakfast (Momma's Pancake Breakfast to be exact:) and found some Christmas treats. I am SO looking forward to catching the after Christmas clearance there!
Our pod was one pea short because #5 had to cheer at a BBall game today...missed ya Al Pal!

And next---The Laura Story concert in Greenville:) IT.WAS.AWESOME!
We LOVE We's Mama! ....and we LOVED Laura Story, too:)
Poor Mo, aka: Pea #3, was sick as she could be:( Hope you feel better sistah-friend!
We grabbed a few treats from the vendors after the concert and left for stop #3...
...which just happened to have some Holiday GOOD-ies!
Don't mind if we do:)
"Umm...yes, I'm having one of each...is that a PROBlem?" :)

I got this cute knit head wrap (well, I don't actually GET it until Christmas:) Thanks AGAIN Mom!
...and we found these super cute umbrellas which made me want to book the next flight to rainy NYC----or...on a budget....just do a rain dance:)
and lastly---- I got this wetsuit today (which I'm modeling in the pic:) and it's now on Ebay for some eager water sports fan to scoop up...LOL! I guess I'll just keep it if it doesn't sell...you know, in case the umbrella breaks and it's raining:)
The Christmas socks are the perfect accent,too...dont' ya think? ;)


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