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Friday, March 16, 2012

{TGIF!!!....Leprechaun Style!}

I'm so proud of myself...hehe! I won two free movie tickets for being the "greenest" person at work today:)I see a showing of 21 Jump Street in my future!

So to celebrate my win, what did I do??? I went to Goodwill, of course!
I got all these things off the dollar rack:) I've seen this tank top several times the last few weeks and decided it must be destiny for it to hang in my closet. It's totally 1980's I'm guessing from the tag and I can't wait to rock it:)

I also got this Old Navy cuffed capris......this Old Navy cargo skirt (obviously I gotta break out the ole' iron)...
...these lime green Old Navy capris...
...and these Charlotte Russe wide leg lined white trousers that I'm thinking about wearing for Easter. I just need a pretty new tank top and pair of heels to go with it:)
I went to Goodwill looking like a crazy Leprechaun (still) but it was totally worth it for the bargains I found! I couldn't get the green crayon off my eyes and looked like I was sea sick or just....weird:) Take your pick...lol!When Trav got home from work we decided that a walk to Ingles for some dinner would be a good plan for the evening.

So...while Trav went in to pick up our groceries, I waited outside and held hands with Glory:)
And then we walked back home with a delicious meal of steak, squash, and zuchinni in tow...
....taking turns carrying the bag as we went:)
Ok...YES!...Trav did MOST of the carrying:)
Thanks Honey! TGIF!!!!


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