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Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Burke's Outlet BARGAINS!!!}

I'm so happy I stopped by Burke's Outlet today!!!

I haven't been "bargain" shopping lately but I think I picked the perfect day to get back at it :)

I got four new pairs of shoes---3 pair were just $1 each at 95% off  ;0)

This pair cost me $6 but I loved them so I "splurged"
A similar pair on the DOLLHOUSE website costs $45. Yay me!

The $1 pairs are Dollhouse too!!!
 Can't wait to wear them with some skinny jeans and a slinky sweater ;)

But that's not all----
 ....43 CENT for a perfume/body lotion set (SJP generic--we'll see:)
Leopard print night gown--$2.60

....Yankee Candle tart for 40 cent
...$2 earrings

....and 30 cent lip plumper---every girls dream....hehe!




Anna said...

Wow...you got some great deals!

I'll have to see if we have a Burke's Outlet nearby.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

WOW! Great buys!