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Monday, April 28, 2014


I really LOVE when Monday mornings are WONDERFUL and start the week off in a happy way :)

I don't always love Mondays (or have perfect days...far from it)...BUT, I've learned that if you highlight the GOOD the BAD seems to fade into the background. And that's why I love keeping this blog, it helps me focus on all the blessings and joy that I find in each day.

I hit the garden pretty early this morning and my neighbor, an amazing older Greek gentleman, gave me some fresh chives from his garden and I chopped them up and put them in a big pot with some cabbage. YUM!

Garden outfit :)

I've gotten WAY more than my money's worth out of my hat this spring :)

Last night we got to have Stacey, Patrick, Lynn, and Ken over for a cookout and had such an amazing time!

Travis grilled some amazing NY Strips, we enjoyed some delicious red wine, played a little cornhole,and loved on Chloe Bug. It was so nice to get together!

Sooo...I'm also getting serious about getting off these pesky 10 lbs. left over from Chloe (and the many orders of Bojangles fries that I indulged in...lol!)

I have 39 days until the beach and I would be SUPER proud of myself if I could lose them by early June. I have not been giving it much effort AT ALL but today's a good day to start!

My menu is as follows:

Breakfast- 2-3 egg whites, 2 cups coffee, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast ---200 calories

Snack- (if I need it)  banana or a fiber bar---150 calories

 Lunch- Baked potato filled with veggies of choice and fresh beans---300 calories

Snack-(if I need it) greek yogurt---100 calories

Dinner- Large salad with baked chicken---400 calories

Total- 1150 calories

I'm no nutritionist BUT I think I did cover plenty of protein, nutrients, and energy for each day. Plus, these are foods I LOVE and will keep me satisfied.

So here we go! So accountable once you put it out there for the world!

145 lbs today...135 in a little over a month!

See ya tomorrow!


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