"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{We're READY!}

We're ready for next Easter!

We'll have plenty of goodies for everyone we know :) Scored ALL of this for $12! Target's 90% off clearance never fails!

We're also ready for SUMMER!!!

Can't WAIT to get my little bug into these cute suits! Another one is getting monogrammed right now! Eek! TOO.MUCH.CUTENESS!

Since I was big and preggo all last summer (and it rained ALL SUMMER LONG!) I'm also really excited about swimming and sunning (SAFELY of course...HELLO SPF!)
The back of that whole piece is so awesome!

Chloe really seems to like the water, too!


I was able to get my summer clothes organized and my closet cleaned out...
So many vintage lightweight cotton tunics that I'm dying to put on very soon!

I fueled up on 2 whole wheat waffles (plain), a small banana, and boiled egg this morning and got outside for awhile...

Tomato plants are finished!
Just realized that I forgot to put the cages up around them. A good reason to venture back out there this afternoon! :)
Giving the ole' garden weasel some rest...lol!

Yesterday I got my hair done and it was so DESPERATELY needed!

I'm growing it back out and this cut was a great transition and will help make the process a little easier :) The goal is to get the bangs to reach the point! Slow and steady lol

Much blonder and ready for SUMMA!

Gotta go give Chloe her banana, apple, plum mix which is surprisingly really yummy. I sneak a few bites here and there...hehe!

See ya tomorrow!


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