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Saturday, December 4, 2010

{Jingle Jangle...)

All is Merry and Bright in the Rada household today!
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I got up early and finished up some of the inside decorations and dressed Glory in her Christmas shirt...which is WAY too small...


So I guess I'll pass it down to a lil' doggy who can enjoy it :0) Glory has a muffin top going on--not flattering! hehe!

After spreading some more Christmas cheer throughout the house I had a bowl of cereal and before I knew it I had already watched an episode of Babar and The Magic School Bus and it was time to wake Trav up so we could put up the CHRISTMAS TREE!

WHICH....by the way....is still in the works but I'll post some pics when it's all finished up. Last night I went by Michael's and got some velvet ribbon and wire to make some pretty red bows for outside and top of the tree and I have some red feathers to stick in the tree for a final touch. {leftover from Halloween's Pinnochio costume!}

And just a quick update:

Look at the cute goodies I've gotten so far in my work stocking~

That ornament in the back even has my name on it---wasn't that thoughtful of someone!?!

Last but not least, this ornament was one of my FAVS that Travis and I were given when we got married. Unfortunately, it's broken :( So instead of hoarding it, I decided to take a pic for memories and put in the trash. See, I HAVE learned alot by watching the show!
Now on to a Christmas Party and then later tonight---DOUBLE DATE TIME!


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

I can see why itd be hard to throw away, but that was a smart idea! Pretty ornament!