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Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Our Christmas Celebrations!~2010!}

December 23rd:
Ken, Lynn, Patrick, Ashley, Allen, Bette, Nun Nun, me and Trav all went out to eat together at Texas Roadhouse and then came back to our place to exchange gifts and spend some quality time together! We also had a nice dessert date with Tim, Vanessa, and Hunter but my camera hadn't come in yet so I couldn't take any pics:( Patrick being silly!
Group shot!
December 24th:
We always spend Christmas Eve at my Granny's in E-town. It was so much fun this year, especially with Makayla added to our family!
Granny's delicious spread of finger foods!
Granny, Pop, and Morgan making some last minute preparations!
Nikki and Cam sorting out the presents!
Us gals!
Granny and Pop always have a BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree!
Meg and Makayla!
My sweet lil' girly!
She is learning to smile when she sees a camera!
We were so blessed to have FIVE GENERATIONS together this Christmas!
Trav-just chillin'!
Big Al by Granny's 2nd Christmas tree!
Time to open gifts---cute bows became even cuter accessories!
Whatdya get Big Al?
Looks like Cam scored big with the Barbie gear!
Now that's what I call a super cute gift!
OOOH, I love my Gran and Pop!
Still going:)
Morgan got lots of cold weather gear to take on her trip to Gaitlinburg....she's such a cutie pie!
We got to play with all the toys once they were all opened:)
....and we kept playing and playing.....
.....and playing!

Cute Cousins!
Cam's new glitter Barbie attacked Trav!

December 25th:
Believe it or not, this was actually the first Christmas that Travis and I didn't stay with my parents in Elberton. Since we don't have kids yet we have stayed to enjoy seeing what Santa brought my sisters and all that fun stuff. But this year was really nice...our little family...just us two, Glory, Rex, Roxie, and Tinkerbell waking up to celebrate Christmas morning together! Good Morning Glory! Merry Christmas!
The whole crew was ready for some Christmas breakfast!
Glory opened her stocking and then settled down to eat one of her new treats!
Wow! I got some awesome treats in my stocking! That's because I have such an AWESOME husband:)
My favorite stuff from Bath & Body Works....
This new curling iron---which is the BEST thing since sliced bread!....
Lots of other sweet treats to make my Christmas morning very special!
{I hesitated to post these makeup free pics but hey, just keepin' it real for my readers...I also think girls should embrace their natural beauty and be proud of who they are so I'm representin' for the the younger generation!}
Travis ALWAYS outdoes me in the gift-giving department but he got some goodies too....most of it was just stuff he really needed!

After we spent a little time at home, we hit the road to Greenville for our Christmas at Carla and Roberts house. We ate a MOST DELICIOUS brunch and waiting in anticipation for the snow that we were wishing for.
Trav and Patrick
And finally...the snow arrived and we had a BEAUTIFUL white Christmas!
Family Photo outside in the snow!

After brunch we relaxed for a little while and then went to see a movie, our Christmas Day tradition. When we got home Carla had a spread of appetizers waiting for us...shrimp, cheese, crackers....YUM! Then we opened gifts and relaxed a little more until dinner which was prime rib with all the fixings. It was really a WONDERFUL day!

December 26th:
My Mom and Dad had everyone over to their house for a fabulous steak dinner and to exchange some more gifts. Poor Trav wasn't feeling well and didn't get to come :( But we really had a GREAT time!
Makayla was ready for some "bites"!
My favorite place to be...I love yall!
Andrew, Al, and Me!
Ha! Ha! Something made Dad chuckle:)
The Mercer Gals!
Mom opening up a gift...
...and Dad getting one, too!
Nikki with her new pink robe...
...and Big Al with her new CHI!
Me and Mo both got some super cute new boots!
Thanks Mom and Dad!
And of course...Makayla got lots of cute toys and stole the show!
Ali is STYLIN' in her gift from Nikki...
...and Makayla is trying to eat more tissue paper:)
"Take me on a ride!"

We are so thankful for the blessings of this Christmas and all the time we got to spend with the one's we love! And the fact that it was a White Christmas was just icing on the cake!


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Elizabeth said...

I loooooooove your new cowboy boots! I saw some that I wanted at Target before Christmas, but I waited too long and they were already gone when I went back to get them. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Love you!