"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Things about Thursday!}

I spy with my little eye~
...Something that made me really happy during my lunch break today! Molly and I went to Old Navy because we heard they were having a great sale...and YES THEY WERE!
{Thanks, Meg!}
Everything marked with an orange clearance tag was an extra 50% off, which meant that THESE...
....were only $5!
I happen to LOVE Old Navy's Stainless Steel water bottles and have several at home. They DO NOT LEAK and they don't emit any harmful plastic chemicals. Luckily, today several of them were only 48 cent! As soon as we saw that, Molly and I bought all of them...except for one scraggler we spotted after checking out that got away and we didn't have time to get back in line for! We saved that one for you...
The two on the end were $1.49 and the three in the middle are the 48 cent bargains!
I was also happy when I came across this coupon in my email today~I love a reason to go to Chili's!
I felt kinda icky from eating two HUGE bowls of raisin bran for dinner last night so I decided I would try to drink LOTS of water today----

Breakfast was my FAV~ Peaches -n- Cream...
{...I dig it 'cuz you know that I'm a fein...}
---if you got that, you are OLD SKOOL, like me!---
....and this little pack was my mid-morning snack. (Doesn't that rhyme so nicely:)
These things are SO GOOD!
And good for you, too! Turn your head sideways and read for yourself...lol...I couldn't get this pic to turn counter clockwise to save my life!
Last, but not least, I finished up my afternoon with a HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL----
A diet cherry slush always treats me right after a long day at work!
Here's to a FABULOUS FRIDAY...


J and SE said...

That song is totally on my "Spring Break 2002" mixed CD. :)

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

Hehehe!!! Everytime I eat peaches and cream oatmeal I start singing it in my head! :)

Jennifer said...

Love the boots!!!! Looks like I need to get to Old Navy!