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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Spending less at CVS!}

I stopped by CVS after work yesterday to see if I could score a few bargains, since I was already on a couponing high...lol! I spotted a deal for soft drinks in their sales paper and knew going in that was a deal I wanted to take advantage of.

The deal was this:

Get five 12 pks. of Coke products for $15 and get $5 back in extra bucks. (Extra bucks are given on a coupon and can be used immediately after a transaction on other merchandise in the store, they are basically just like cash). So I paid for my soft drinks first and got them each for $2, considering I basically got five 12 pks. for $10! Coke 12pks usually retail at CVS for over $4 so that added up to major savings!

(all of this cost me only $17.42! Five 12 pks. of Cokes would normally cost you at least $20 themselves!)

So...after I got my softdrinks I scanned my CVS card at the coupon machine and got a coupon for $5 of when you buy 2 revlon cosmetic products! Score! Always scan for coupons before you start shopping!

Next, I shopped around for all the other items I needed (or just wanted:) and got all of my other coupons together. It takes some time and brain power---but it's totally worth it!
I selected all of these items (a few which were already 75% off!) and it ended up costing me only $2.47 after all my coupons! I used my $5 extra bucks from the softdrink purchase, my $5 off two revlon cosmetics that I got from the machine in the store, a $1 off 2 campbell's soup coupon, a $1 off any Reach brand floss, a $1 off any Colgate advanced toothpaste (which were already BOGO!), and a $1 off any Almay cosmetic! Woo Hoo! Not to mention, I used all my new cosmetics this morning and loved them! (P.S. I'm pretty sure that most of those coupons came out of this weeks Sunday paper.)Travis saw the receipt on the counter and said he was quite impressed! Yay!

Couponing is SO MUCH FUN!---Especially when you LOVE TO SHOP, like me!


Selena I. Martin said...

Hey, Laura!! I was on FB and ran across your post. I do the same kind of deals at CVS and get so many things for great prices! Couponing is my new obsession too. (although, I haven't had a chance to do much lately). You are my kind of girl! You got a lot of great things! Good job. :))

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment:)! I will continue to post my good deals and hopefully you can tell me about yours through my blog or facebook so we can help each other out:)I love to share the "save some money" love! I hope Eva had a very happy birthday!!