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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{Restaurant Review: Brioso Fresh Pasta!}

My favorite lunch crew and I decided to visit a new restaurant here in Anderson, Brioso Fresh Pasta. It's located at 3131 North Main Street, in the Anderson Mall, making it a very convenient and quick lunch trip from the DSS office. That's great because the less time it takes to get there, the more time we have to eat and chat! Today's crew included me, Rachelle, Molly, Brandi, Mark, Lisa, and Leslie....We weren't sure what to expect since it was our first visit, so we asked the owner, Wayne Cripps for some help ordering. Molly, Leslie, and I wanted to keep it healthy and Wayne suggested the freshly made whole wheat penne pasta with a tomato sauce. The flavors were INCREDIBLE and you could really taste a freshness to the pasta that you don't get in most Italian restaurants. My entree had just the right amount of spices and seasoning and I would've eaten every bite except that I got too full. The portion size is PERFECTO for lunch!
Our server came by and sprinkled some parmasan cheese all over my dish, making it extra tasty! Luckily, we had a coupon~Buy one entree and two drinks, get the second entree for free! You know I love me some coupons! My sister Molly and I each got our entree and diet coke for $12.73 which meant our meals only cost us $6.36 each--not bad for a delicious lunch date with the crew!
The style is casual and fast and the ambiance was nice---it's got a high class feel to it. I loved the bottles of water on the table, as well as the fresh bread with oil, sea salt, and pepper. Yum!
Thanks for posing for this shot, Lisa! :)

According to wikianswers.com----
Vivacious is an English equivalent of 'brioso'. The word in Italian is pronounced 'bree-OH-soh'. It's the masculine form of an adjective whose feminine form is 'briosa', which is pronounced 'bree-OH-sah'.

The take-home menu I have says to enjoy and "be 'BRIOSO'" and that's the best way to describe how you feel after eating a delicious meal there with good friends!
Leslie enjoyed her meal, too! See---her bowl is pretty much empty!
And Molly hilariously insisted that when Wayne took her order and said, "Here, this is yours" that it meant she got to take it home:) Silly, Mo! Leave it there for next time...
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J and SE said...

I have heard about Brioso and now I am so excited to try it. Thanks for the great info!

Leslie Jimenez said...

It was a very Yummy meal with my BFF's!!!! What could be better! Love You!

Jennifer said...

We LOVE Brioso! We eat there all the time! It's one of two Italian restaurants I know of that have gluten free options--They have GF pasta AND GF pizza--YUM! I keep trying to tell Andy and Travis to go there, bu they haven't yet. Boooo! Check out Brioso on FB for deals :o)