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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{Christmas Vacation 2010~ Washington DC!}

Don't get the wrong idea...
We had an AMAZING trip but the city scared me a little because we were such DC Rookies. The traffic was crazy and I was just a wee bit nervous!

We met up with one of Trav's college buddies, Charles. He took us on a mini-driving tour that night and we got out on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a little while...
The National Christmas Tree
And the White House!

We were tired and ready to get checked in so we made our way to the Windsor Inn. It's a historic Inn that was established in 1842. It's still true to much of it's original look, which added a very cozy feel.

The view across the street is what your typical DC street looks like...+ a Starbucks on the corner:)
Since opening, the Windsor Inn has always had a "lobby cat" and the current resident is "Mimi"! She was so sweet and roamed around the Inn as she pleased!
But mostly, she just slept! :)

I looked forward to seeing her every morning!
Trav and I agreed that we made a great choice staying here and would highly recommend it to anyone planning a DC trip.
The next day we walked to the metro station, which was only three blocks from the Inn, and got an all day pass for 9 bucks. We rode it back and forth all day and got our money's worth and got to really experience how most DC'ers live on a daily basis.
From the central Mall location you could see most of the major monuments and were only a short walking distance to most of the Smithsonian Museums. Since it was SOOOOOO COOOOLLLLDDD the first day, we decided to do as many museums as possible----since they had heat!
Here's Trav in front of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History...
I walked in to be greeted by my favorite animal...a great big ELEPHANT!
This little guy desperately needs a trip to the dentist--- ASAP!
Travis also ran into some long lost cousins..
I was shocked to see that they bear such a strong resemblance!
I certainly WOULD NOT wanna run up on this bear in the woods...what about you???
This coral display was actually made from knit and crocheted pieces of cloth and yarn. It was such a beautiful work of art.

Our favorite part of the Museum of Natural History was the Dinosaur exhibit...
Can you believe that something this scary actually existed???
Most of the fossils here were discovered in various parts of North America...in fact, there could be fossils in your own back yard.
I think this one was found in Indiana.
The scientist were working in their labs and discovering lots of cool stuff!

This was a giant platypus...
...is that not the WEIRDEST looking thing EVER???

Outside the museum lots of real critters were running around looking for food. I found this squirrel friend who happily took a Mr. Goodbar straight from my hand. He ran up the tree, took a few bites, and then buried it quickly among his hoard. He came back to visit me and left with a reeses cup!
We continued on our way to the next destination and past the FBI building...serious stuff happening in there!

After walking a LONG time we were STARVING and went for a burger (turkey burger for me:) and fries...Yum!

The Washington Monument!
Our next stop was the Smithsonian Museum of American History.
Here's George Washington's traveling brief case and other stuff he wrote important documents with:)

And this is Abe Lincoln's top hat. He was wearing this one the night he was killed. I thought it was FASCINATING!

We finished up with the Museums late and got a quick snapshot before heading in for the night.
The second day of sightseeing was great because the SUNSHINE was out and it wasn't quite so chilly.
The World War II Memorial was very special to us because Trav's grandfather "Nun Nun" proudly served his county during that time.
Representin' South Carolina, Yall!
Nun Nun remembers lots about the Battle of the Bulge. I love hearing his stories.
We found his name in the Honoree database at the Memorial---Marvin L. Rada!!!
Next we walked up to explore the Lincoln Memorial. Look how pretty and blue the skies were for us!

We really made the most of day 2 by visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum which was probably the most meaningful part of the entire trip. It's so sad to think that such a HORRIBLE thing happened less than 80 or so years ago. We finished up with a quick tour of the Library of Congress and then a visit to the Capitol.
The inside of the Capitol was so ornate and beautiful. I loved all the marble!
We whipped out our tickets for a tour of the House and Senate Chambers. It was really neat seeing where the President sits to give his State of the Union Addresses.

We ran home, jumped in the shower, and were out the door again in less than 30 minutes. We met up with some of Trav's buddies for dinner and a Wizards game.
By then I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED but we had fun cutting up and relaxing for a little while. I was nice to just sit down for a few:)
Day 3 was kind of a blur...didn't have my camera but we went to the Art Museum and Arlington National Cemetary. We went home early, napped, and then got up for a date:) A local Chinese dinner and "Little Fockers" was a nice way to end the day.
Day 4 was spent packing, getting ready to leave, walking to get one more Mocha Light Frappachino, and making our final stop on the Metro. It was nice to see and explore our Nation's Capitol and we left feeling just a little smarter, too!

Trips with Trav are my most FAVORITE thing in the whole world! Hmmm....where should we go next???


P.S. Family Christmas pics coming soon!


Stephen and Kassi said...

What a fun trip!! Looks like you had a great time. :)

Bubba said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!!! Miss you!