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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{CVS Haul + Confession!}

Lookie, Lookie, Lookie!!!

Yesterday I hit it big at CVS with clearance + coupons!Everything pictured above cost me about $5 (plus a $3 money card for something I took back earlier in the day)!

Normal Retail Value= $63.89

You can't see the items too good but there's a Bright Coral Revlon Polish, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Gloss, two Aveeno Active Naturals hand lotion (one for beside my sink-one for my purse:), some Stride Gum, panty liners, and Sally Hansen strenghtening nail treatment! Just that nail treatment alone is $9.99---I know because I almost bought it last week and I'm so glad I didn't!

My cost after clearance savings and coupons=$5.40 (after the $3 money card)

Percentage Savings=almost 92%

Here's where they took off for all my coupons....
And here it shows how much I saved!:)
I used my new powder this morning and LOVED it! It should last me quite awhile....

These, on the other hand, will be gone by tomorrow! Guaranteed:)

Yay for a successful shopping trip!

Now for the confession---

I got home and thought that my Loreal powder should have actually been less because it was buy one get one 50% off. I looked through the add and certain promotions featured an *excludes clearance* clause but NOT the Loreal products. So I thought I would stop back by this morning and just see what the deal actually was. I was greeted (sorta greeted) by a Lady who I really don't think was happy to be at work in the first place, and she said in a not very nice way "No, you can't get two deals at one time." I said, "Well, I was just wondering because the add didn't clearance was excluded. Is there a manager I could speak with?"

So...to make a long story short....the manager is a man who is much more friendly and understood it was no big deal to me but that I just wanted to make sure I got the right price on my items. We finally found a VERY small sign with VERY small writing that said "offers cannot be combined" and I was satisfied after that (although I still think the add and sign infront of the items should clearly say that clearance is excluded when a certain promotion is advertised). But I wasn't in the mood to press the issue and it was only a few bucks anyway. As I was walking out I said to the Not so Happy and Not so Nice Lady who I talked with that she was not very nice, friendly, or helpful and then thanked the manager again. I feel REALLY bad for saying that to that lady---it was not nessecary and didn't make the situation any better. I just expect people in customer service to be nice and try to explain things to customers nicely and thoroughly. I just lost my patience with her because she didn't even try to be polite in the LEAST. But I still should have been polite and I'm publicly confessing my ugly outburst at CVS! I gotta get it off my chest...lol! She'll probably run when she sees me coming next time and I'll try to be extra nice to make up for it!

Have any of you ever "told off" a cashier, waiter, ect. out of frustration and then wished you hadn't??? (Because I really hope I'm not the only one!)

So let's all have a GREAT DAY and try to BE NICE even when others are not:)

Cause that's the right thing to do!

......and I'm certainly not gonna let it spoil the excitement of my HAUL!!!



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