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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Nikki's Graduation Celebration Camping Trip!}

What a fun weekend! The fam packed up and shacked up at Hart State Park for some fun and sun...and lots of good food:)

We had shrimp, and steaks, and chicken, and all kinds of yummy stuff!
Fixin' drinks

Lovin' on my Makayla!
Mom and Dad
Enjoying some sweet tea from our cute matching cups:)
Being lazy and lovin' it:)
"Wee's Deddy!"
Happy and Makayla
Not exactly sure what this one is...lol!
Dad resting in the shade:)
Me soakin' up some sunshine!
Laying out in the shade on an air mattress....we know how to do it right...lol!
The college grad with Makayla and her hubby!
Getting ready for Nikki's party and cookout:)

Look at these AWESOME cupcakes made by Mo! 100% off it is edible!
Camryn was the only one brave enough to swim....the water was still super chilly!

Me and Fran

Trav fixin' some burgers
Dad, Nikki, and Mom...We are all so proud of her achievements!
I love my Hubby!
After the cookout we went to the playground for a little while and listened to the live bluegrass music.
Makayla LOVED the slide!
Here we go.....
Hey Everybody!
Just hangin' around:)

Later that night we made smores and watched a movie on the projector:)
Hi Mo!
It got really chilly at night but Andrew kept the fire going for us.

Such a cute couple!
Lovin' her first camping trip!

Congratulations Nikki for all your hard work! You're going to make a FABULOUS teacher and bless the lives of many children! We love you!


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J and SE said...

Oh what fun! I can't wait to go camping this summer. Your picture post just made me get all kinds of excited!