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Monday, May 16, 2011

{Viva Las Vegas: Part 2!}

...the morning after our Grand Canyon Adventure we were tired but didn't want to sleep the day away. We thought a good breakfast might put some pep in our step! We decided to head to Terrible's so we could use our BOGO breakfast buffet coupon:) Who says you can't keep being thrify---even in Vegas?!
Unfortunately, things in Vegas may appear closer than they really are----way closer! In fact, we walked a LONG time to finally reach our destination but on the positive side we had really worked up a good appetite when we arrived.
We FINALLY made it!
....but hey, for about $4 total we ate a delicious breakfast and learned a valuable lesson--always take the bus!!!
After breakfast we set out to explore the town and check out the Pacquiao vs. Mosley weigh-in at the MGM Grand.
That place was HUGE and totally HYPED UP! People were chanting "We want Pac Man" and trying to charge the auditorium! Unfortunately people had been waiting since about 3 am to get in so we didn't make it in but the vibe was very exciting!

I stopped to try my luck at the slots....no such luck! Lol! They sure were fun to play but just sucked up our money:) I actually saw a man win $1,500 on one machine and then move down one machine and win $3,500! He was a nice Vietnam Veteran and it was also is birthday so it was just his lucky day!
This was Trav's favorite place---I think he could live there if I would let him:)
He made several awesome sports bets that you'll read more about in Part 3~!

We continued exploring and taking in all the excitement that is Vegas:)

We also sat through an hour timeshare presentation (yep, we fell for it!) and walked out sans a timeshare but holding a certificate to a seafood dinner at the Rio---SCORE! $84.32 worth of deliciousness for FREE!

This homemade ice cream wheel and freezer was so cool...the guy behind the counter scooped you out a cup of anything you wanted. We loved the Elvis-peanut butter and banana-YUM!

We sampled the desserts until we were about to burst!
We finished up dinner and set off for ESPN FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!
You probably would've never guessed it, but I actually really enjoy watching boxing matches with Trav....I just have to close my eyes sometimes---but once you learn about the sport it really is exciting:)

As we were walking in, we ran into former Charlotte Hornet and NBA All Star Kenny Anderson.

This is Daniel Ponce De-Leon---former featherweight champion
and this is B.J. Flores, a top cruiserweight contender.
Putting my dukes up with Ponce De-Leon:)
Seriously...Don't mess with me! LOL!

Kenny Bayless, world famous boxing referee...he was the referee for Manny's fight Saturday night!
Trav and Me:)
Teddy Atlas, the best boxing commentator in the Biz! Gotta love that smile, huh?!
Delvin Rodriquez, former welterweight champ....a really nice guy:)
Brian Kenny welcomes Travis to Sports Center and gets his take on the Manny fight:)
Giovanni Segura, one of the best pound for pound fighters in the World!
The sportsbook at Mandalay Bay....
...and a quick pose in front of New York New York on our way home.
We caught the bus back to our hotel (remember, we learned that lesson earlier!)...
...and ended the night at the Riv studying the craps table and probably wasting a few more bucks on the slot machines:)
Ahhh....Viva Las Vegas!

Stay tuned for Part 3!


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