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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{A scary HAIRY story!}

Sometimes my impulsive streaks get the best of me and yes...it has happened...again!

Let me tell you the story----
It's a SCARY one!

Once Upon A Time there was a girl, a very silly girl, who got an urge-an URGENT urge-to dye her own hair---
She prepped and prayed:)...and made a COMPLETE MESS of her bathroom and her head!
Why oh Why?! And it kept getting oranger and oranger...

It wasn't looking very good:(
Hmmm....she checked to see how the back was coming along.....


Now's the time to admit, I'm a terrible blogger....because I forgot to take a picture of the results! Actually, I lost my camera in the chaos (see above:)----but I went to work today and no one seemed to notice my "orange-ish" roots or the hidden dark spots underneath----but let's just say this---

The girl in that story will never try to color her own hair again!

By now, I guess you've realized the girl in the story was me:)

Luckily I happen to have a GREAT FRIEND who could FIX IT! Thanks Jessica Watson!

So....TA DA! The new me-

WAY more blonde than I'm used to.....
Luckily, Jessica was able to keep it multi-dimensional, shiny, and healthy---a modern-day miracle considering what I put it through!

*and I'm sure a little makeup won't hurt either, I forgot to take a pic until I was already washed up and ready for bed;0)*


~The End~


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J and SE said...

Poor girl...I think we've all had one of the episodes. It's kind of a rite of passage.