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Friday, May 27, 2011

{So...it's Friday!}

....and I'd like to say "HELLO!" from Blondesville! LOL!

It's starting to grow on me...a little:)

Last night was the Electric City Slide Downtown event that raised awareness for DSS Foster Care and Calvary Home for Children. Thanks to Leadership Anderson for sponsoring this awesome event.
I wasn't feeling great today so I took a sick day, slept until after noon (am I really admitting that?!) and then piddled around the house for a little while.

So....Wanna see my new favorite beauty product???

It's my self-tanner back paddle applicator! $4.99 at Wal-Mart and a real lifesaver! It's got a really long handle and it distributes the self tanner smoothly and evenly....LOVE IT!

Gotta be GOOFY sometimes...and just embrace your "I slept 'til noon hair":)

And I also LOVE this new Express Glow from Jergens:) It gives you an almost instant glow and I will maintain it with Jergen's Daily Glow Moisturizer. SYS (Save your Skin) Ladies! Just try it!
I also can't wait to try this new hair treatment Jessica gave me to use on my new blonde locks...I'll fill you in after I apply it tomorrow night:)
Flipping through magazines today led me to this picture of what I hope to get my hair color to in the next few months...after my roots get a chance to grow a bit and my locks get a minute to breathe...lol! Isn't that just a PERFECT combo of GOLDEN and FABULOUS!
Now that I look at it...it's not too far from what I've got now...You know that JESSICA WATSON has got some skills! :) Especially since it's the result of her saving the mess I made of it myself!

Ok...about twenty minutes after application...am I glowing yet?:)
You just love my hubby's dingy old white t-shirt don't you??? A STAPLE for us self-tanning gals! Don't wanna ruin any of my OWN clothes!:)


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