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Monday, May 2, 2011

{More for less at CVS: 5-2-11}

I've been wanting to buy some Crest 3D Whitestrips for awhile now and I found the PERFECT time to do it!

For the normal CVS retail price of $31.99, (plus tax) I was able to get my own box of Whitestrips....(and first steps to a whiter and brighter smile:)
TaDa!....PLUS all the other stuff you see below :0) There was a $10 off Whitestrips coupon in this Sunday's paper plus 10 Extra Bucks back to use on any other purchase. Score!
So...here's how you can do it too! I am not organized enough to give you exact instructions (sorry!:) but I'll do my best to give you the basic lowdown so you can plan a shopping trip of your own. (For the record...I don't plan out my coupon shopping trips, although I'd love to do so in the future, and I often stay in the store for a LONG time browsing isles, sorting through coupons, and plotting my strategy. I actually LIKE doing it this way. It's relaxing to me and takes my mind off "the real world" for awhile and I'm in the ZONE:)...call me weird if you wish:) If you to do it my way---you must be the type that's not easily embarrassed because you might have to drive a cashier nuts working your order out and processing each transaction. But remember, it's YOUR money being spent so DON'T BE AFRAID to question prices, coupons, and totals! There are lots of great sites on my blog roll that can show you EXACTLY how to get the deals you are looking for so be sure to check them out. That's how I usually get the tip off on current bargains:)

These are the critical transactions that REALLY lowered by bill---
Four 32 ounce gatorades for FREE! The one I just downed was quite refreshing:)
And check out this toothpaste STEAL:)
Coupons were from this Sunday's paper.

Then for the deodorant deals----
Two body wash samples were included for free:) and my cost for it all...36 CENT!
Plus several of my transactions gave me extra bucks that I was able to turn around and spend on my next transaction. Gotta love some CVS deals!
I even splurged on a lip gloss that I'm in LOVE with---I used my mom's this weekend and I just had to have some. It plumps without a tingle or burn and the color is FABULOUS! I didn't have a coupon but got 3 extra bucks from the deal.
Not bad!
To sum it up---the normal retail price of my purchases totaled around $112 and I spent $33---a savings of around 70%. I'm nowhere near extreme couponing level but I consider it a personal success:) I just don't have the time to be TOO obsessive about it although I'm extremely impressed with the hauls they pull off! If you have any questions about any of the coupons or deals mentioned, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to help you as best I can. Sharing a good deal makes enjoying my own so much more fun:)

And on a more serious note,check out this interesting article that helped me process today's unfolding history and news of Bin Laden's death, especially from a Christian perspective. May God continue to protect our Nation and change the hearts of those who choose evil. I pray that many souls would give their lives to Christ as a result.



Ansley said...

Good Coupon Job!!! I'm impressed!!!

Be Radiant said...

Thanks Girl! :)