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Friday, October 28, 2011

{Boo!'s and Meow!'s}


And so is she....
...my cute new witch for $1.50 from Goodwill. I once again, with GREAT restraint, limited myself to one trip and $5 this week. Go me!
Took this for proof ;) I also found a nice coat for Trav, two new shirts for me, and an awesome pair of brown vintage gloves...while staying in the budget!

Last night, I had to work a foster parent recruitment event and sweet lil' Makayla tagged along :) She kept saying "Wa Wa---Kitty Kitty?" I would reply "Meow!" and she would just giggle and giggle. SO SWEET!
"Hweeeeee!"(Or however you'd make an angry cat sound:)
Oh, and this is the Halloween craft I made from last weeks Goodwill trip. A spooky spider tree!
Full of creepy crawlies---Eek! I made them out of pipe cleaners and pom pom's and found the tree for 80 cent. I already had the spider webbing at home. I can't believe my cats haven't destroyed this yet, actually:)

There's all kinds of Halloween magic going on lately at the Rada House, too! In fact, would you like to take a bite of my apple, dear?

Shhhhh! It's a POSION apple....ahahahaha!
Love (and tricks!),


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