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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{A few good....}


I'm so PROUD of myself! I limited myself to $5 and one trip to Goodwill last week;) I grabbed this 20 pack of disposable Christmas placements for 25 cent...I can do LOTS with them when the time comes;)
...and these cute Mickey and Minnie Valentines with stickers for 60 cent. I couldn't resist---just too darn cute!

Also, this brand new big Valentine's Day candle that smells HEAVENLY! Helloooo February;)
The last bit of my $5 was spent on some craft stuff I bought at Goodwill but that project will be featured tomorrow---stay tuned!

I had to do a little grocery shopping and found these flowers on clearance at Ingles...
I wanted the whole cart but I left the loveliness for someone else;) and kept smiling. Hehe!
Now...get ready for the Grocery shopping breakdown:

On the Menu for supper:

Hamburger steak, green bean casserole, baked potatoes

Crockpot BBQ Chicken, scalloped taters, and grean beans

Tacos with spanish rice and black beans

Homestyle Turkey Bake

Fried Chicken, mac -n- cheese, cabbage

Turkey dogs with baked beans

Kashi whole wheat pizza and salad

Per meal= 5.86

Per person= 2.93


The basics to last about three weeks-
TOTAL= $24.06

Per meal= $1.71

Per person=$0 .85

And I figure there will be about 2 or 3 days worth of leftovers from supper, too ;)

Lastly, I got me some good ole' cereal for $1.60 a box...
One more deal I just gotta share with you guys---
My cart full of DEALS from Dollar General. I wish I could remember what blog I saw advertise this great sale so I could give a Kudos but I can't....Boo! But I send a giant "thank you!" to whoever that kind person was!
10 cent! 10 cent! 10 cent! ENOUGH SAID!
19 patriotic decorations for $1.90
and summer stuff for 60 cent...HELLOOOO Fourth of July weekend...lol!

...and that pretty much sums it up;)

Night! Night!


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