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Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Friend Feature: Leslie's Good Deal!}

2 Girls+ 2 Great Deals= 2 GREAT FRIENDS IN 2 CUTE AFFORDABLE OUTFITS! I am so excited to debut my {Friend Feature} Segment! Starring (me) + one of my BFF's Leslie! We were college roomates (which feels like FOREVER ago:) and now we've been working together for almost five years. She's definately a keeper! And she found that cute green blouse at Goodwill yesterday for $2! Kudos Leslie! It's Old Navy and had the tags still on it! That's my kind of shopping:) Thanks for letting me feature you Les!
My duds today total $5!

Boots: $2 Brand New Life Stride Boots(aka: Super COMFY!) at a recent yardsale

Cords: $1 at Goodwill with tags still on them:)

Sweater: $1 Mossimo from Goodwill

SUPER soft and puffy vest: $1 at a recent yard sale

Me, Les, and Mo had lunch together at Cook Out and I tell you...that place is FABULOUS! All three of us ate for $12! Today's bible verse on my cup was "Proverbs 1:7" The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

After a super swell afternoon...Houston--WE HAD A PROBLEM!
Oh No!
My car would NOT turn off and the keys WOULD NOT come out of the ingnition.
So...I stopped by to see if the Hubs could help....
Maybe I should've just kept on driving forever...hehe! Just kiddin'....he was only pretending to me mad (*I think!*)
He gave it a valiant effort but NO LUCK! Thank Goodness, my stylish friend Leslie, see above:), was able to pick me up at the shop where I had to drop my car off to be fixed.

Leslie, you're a lifesaver and a you totally know how to rock a cute bargain, too!



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