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Monday, October 24, 2011


Finally!!! The yucky carpet in the bonus room (plus the gross green walls) are gone, gone, GONE!
Ripping the carpet up was easy peasy... But I just honestly couldn't even stand touching it...yuck! That's how bad I hated that carpet! So I just kind of acted as the "site manager" and made sure Travis did the job correctly...hehe!
Yes! Fresh concrete underneath. I can finally breathe easy!
But then, it was time for the hard work! Thankfully, my Dad is a jack of ALL trades and he did all the labor for free:) And I continued to oversee everything ;)By that afternoon, we had a brand new laminate floor (and a room I love being in!) for about $350! The free labor certainly helped out:)
I seriously would've slept here last night if I could've found my sleeping bag! ***Love!***
Since my Dad and Trav worked hard all day on the floor, I figured the least I could do was feed them a good meal.
This is a new pork chop recipe I concocted last night:)
Just douse your pan with a little olive oil, throw in a few boneless chops, sprinkle lightly with seasoned meat tenderizer, peel and chop up one large apple, throw them in the pan, sprinkle generously with french fried onions, drizzle dish with worshtershire sauce, and let cook until good and brown (and done:)...it's DELICIOUS!
I was admittedly heavy-handed on the apples, seeing as I made an apple pie and caramel apples, too!
Luckily, I still have some teeth left, too!
Earlier in the day, while the menfolk were laying the floor, I got to cleanin' in the kitchen.
The end result was a place for everything and everything in it's place:) Odd kitchen tools Serving and cooking utensils Baking tools
and even a clean (though almost bare) pantry!

I could get used to Sunday's like this!

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