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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{QuizNo or QuizYes?}

A good day for a new thrifted scarf? Sure! Why not? :) Although I'll probably go with a brown sweater next time...I am feeling just the slightest big elfish:)
Scarf: Goodwill-50 cent
Green Sweater:Goodwill-$1
Feeling Chirstmas"y" on a nice fall day: Priceless---hehe!
So...yesterday I had a coupon to use for lunch--Woo Woo!
It was for Quizno's and I'd never been before so I was pretty pumped. Armed with coupon, I prepared to go in for my free drink and cookie or chips with a regular sandwich purchase:)
I chose the Traditional because it seemed like it was the healthiest choice minus the sauce and cheese. I also loved that they had a pepper/pickle bar that I cleaned out before I left:) The thing I didn't like is that even with the free drink and chips, my meal was almost $7 which isn't a deal at all to me:( I think i'll stick with my $5 footlong from the Way:)
Pickles on Baked Lays might just be about as good as snackin' gets!
But sorry...it's a QuizNo for me...unless of course another (better) coupon comes along;)
Then I'll be there with bells on for the pickles!


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