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Thursday, May 8, 2014

{Busy Hump Day!}

Hey! Hey!

Those bangs tho! He he he!!!

Didn't get around to the blog yesterday because once this sweet girl rang my doorbell we were ON THE GO!!!

 Starting with breakfast at Mickey D's where we played games and had a short visit to the playground (followed by lots of hand sanitizer!) Those playgrounds make me feel so icky...you know they probably don't get santized much--if ever....eeew! But...the kiddos LOVE them and they're free entertainment so we brave them anyway :)


Next, car wash :)

Trying to keep my new car clean as a whistle!
We stopped at Kohls and cashed in my free $10 coupon for a new sprinkler and a water gun and only had to pay $2 extra since it was all 40% off. YAY!

On the way home from errands, we picked up "baby cups" from Brusters...
Literally, the tiniest little scoop of ice cream you've ever seen :) Perfect mid-morning snack! I also discovered their Tuesday night summer deal--99 cent kid sundaes and dirt cake cups with free face painting, balloons, games, etc. Looking forward to trying it out one Tuesday night soon!

As soon as we got home, it was time for some FUN IN THE SUN!!!

This pic cracks me up but believe it or not...she was having a BLAST!!!
After only an hour, we came back in and got dried and dressed because I was so worried about the girls getting too much sun. Even with SPF 50 I got new tan lines...it's gonna be a HOT summer! I see many, many dollars spent on sunscreen! :)

Nap time and Netflix until around 5:00 and then we went out for fro-yo...twice in one day...yeah, I know :)

Molly babysat for Trav and I so we could go see Divergent--THANKS, MO!
Love this guy!
And lastly, I DID get some of those chores marked off the list earlier in the week--

The playroom is starting to shape up...
I finally organized my good silverware...

And Trav's grandmother, Betty, gave me a beautiful new wine rack :) I LOVE hand-me-downs!

On the agenda for today is a little relaxing and then I plan on finishing ALL my shopping for Mother's Day, including the food, as well as getting ALI'S SHOWER GIFT! How exciting!!!

See ya tomorrow!


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