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Monday, May 5, 2014

{Weekend Recap--block parties, lunches, shopping, bowling, graduation, more lunches, and so much fun! }

We started our weekend fun Thursday night and went to the Downtown Block Party :)

It was beautiful and sunny and FUN!  I was very impressed with the new Wren Park...I plan on spending plenty of time there this summer! We met up with Hunter, Nikole, Vanessa, and Tim and passed Chloe around for lots of loving! She loved the music!

Friday morning, we got ready early and met Aunt Carla and Mrs. Richey for a delicious lunch in downtown Greenville. We ate at Brick Street Cafe and it was FABULOUS!

Fresh Roses
Sweet Family
Gorgeous Decorations-and NOTHING matched making it even more amazing!

 Chloe enjoyed sitting in a "big girl" high chair for the 1st time :)

The dessert menu looked so great (but we were too full!) so we've already planned a cheat day to visit again and have the pineapple cake! Yum! Yum! My lunch was a grilled Salmon salad which was so yummy that it was gone before I remember to take a pic! lol

Carla volunteered to watch Chloe while I went to the Haywood Mall for awhile and I felt like a queen! I just walked around, took my time, had a frappuccino...

...sat in a big comfy chair and people watched...AND found Chloe 2 new bathing suits for just $14!
Repeat to self--"I will NOT buy Chloe anymore bathing suits!" hehe

It was INCREDIBLY nice to have that time just for myself. And Chloe had fun getting loved on by Aunt Carla and Lauren :) WIN-WIN!

Later Friday evening, this crazy bunch of girls came to spend the night! We went bowling, got treats at the QT, and were totally silly ;)
I'm so proud of these sweet girls! THEY.ARE.AMAZING!

Saturday, Hunter graduated from AU!

Proud of him, too!!!

We had Sunday lunch with my family and enjoyed their usual crazy antics (yes, I'm a part of them, too!)

Mom, not one to back  down from a challenge, successfully got her toe to her mouth---inside the restaurant! She's so funny!

I had my cheat meal of the week--totally worth it!---
Pizza -n- sketti...yum!


And we ended up back where we started...at Wren Park. TOTALLY LOVE IT!

Such a busy weekend but SO WORTH IT!

See ya tomorrow!


P.S. Chloe was giving me a "kiss" this morning and then decided to CHOMP DOWN on my chin! I had to pry her mouth open to get her to stop and there's a round, red big bite mark on my chin...aww the joys of motherhood! 

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