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Saturday, May 10, 2014

{Mother's Day PREPARATIONS!}


my nifty "mom" uniform and official #ootd for the entire summer!

But, seriously though...

It's true!

Anyhoo, today was such a special day! My youngest sister, Ali, is getting married on 5-31 and today was her first bridal shower.

How gorgeous is this bride-to-be?!!
I could cry just thinking about it...seems like yesterday she was beboppin' around with her cute little blonde bob and sleeping on her little toddler bed beside Momma's---

BUT---I couldn't be ANY HAPPIER for her and couldn't have chosen a better guy for her!

I got to take home some of the beautiful roses that decorated the table...lucky me!

Plus, when I got home, my sweet neighbor gave me these beautiful peonies...

No doubt about it--I'm planting one of these asap!!! I looooove them!

After a lovely 3 hour nap (THANKS, HONEY!!!), I got our outfits ready for tomorrow and packed Chloe's diaper bag. We're visiting Concord Baptist tomorrow and it will be my first time leaving her anywhere with people who aren't family---yikes! lol But I'm so excited and hope the Lord will lead us to a new Church home sooner than later :)

I just finished the pasta salad for tomorrow's Mother's Day cookout in E-town

 and got all of the gifts loaded into the car.

I can't wait to give HAPPY a great big hug tomorrow and thank her for being the most AMAZING Mom in the world!!!

 And I'll leave you with a picture of two extremely cute little girls in swim caps...
...and this sweet, precious thing that I'm lucky enough to call mine! Chloe, I loved you with every tiny piece of my heart from the very moment I knew you existed and even before then! I treasure being your Mom more than words could do justice. If my heart could talk, you would know the depths of JOY that being your MOM brings to my life!!! I simply could not ask for anything more---God has blessed me far more than enough for one lifetime by giving me the gift of being the person He chose to raise you, love you, and cherish you!

Also, very special wishes and love for all Moms out there--and those who long to be---those who are full of joy and those that may be hurting. I pray the Lord is near to you all and that you feel His love and comfort tomorrow and always!

See ya tomorrow!


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