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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

{Pool Party}

 There's something about swimming, no matter what your age, that leaves you sleepy
 And HUNGRY :) But thanks to lunches like these, I'm down to 140 lbs!!! So, since May 1st, I've lost almost 5 pounds. I hope to make my pre-pregnancy weight of 137 by June 6th, when we leave for our beach vacation. My ultimate goal is 130 but as I've mentioned in prior post...slow and steady wins the race. I have to squeeze in my fro-yo at Sam's on a (not-quite-daily) basis :)
 Little bit was hungry, too! And Glory is ALWAYS hungry...hehe!
 Busted out the color run headband for errand running (that was the most FUN day, ever!!!)
 And guess who that is under that mask?!
 It's Makayla :) We had a girls spend the night party! She loves holding Chloe! She was in the middle of singing a song to her in that picture. As she says, "my songs always calm her down"...how sweet!!!
 And now...time for that pool party I mentioned earlier! Hats and tents for sun protection (I know...I'm such a nerd...lol!)
Makayla is such a hoot. In this picture, instead of "cheese", she said "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"
And in this one, "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!"
And in this one, "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!"

 Not sure where that one came from! She makes me laugh....CONSTANTLY!
Chloe LOVES the water and we all loved our new pool from Sam's. It's HUGE and a great deal for $40 if anyone is in the market for one :)

One more thing before I go and FINALLY finish sorting thru and organizing Chloe's clothes and closet....

(finished our closet yesterday...yay me!)

I was rocking Chloe to sleep Monday night and Makayla was sitting beside me on the floor playing with something. She pooted and laughed and said "excuse me"...and just moments later, Chloe pooted and we all laughed. Then Makayla said "Don't worry, Laura. You'll poot at midnight, right?"

Well,----I said,----I guess it's always a possibility! HAHAHA! She CRACKS.ME.UP!!!

That's why kids are so GREAT!

See ya tomorrow!


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