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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, Well, Well...

He's Baaaaaackkkk!!!!

I went to the Doctor today because I still can't seem to shake this little green man! I found out I have had a mild strain of a type of mono virus and fluid on my ears and I got some medicine that I hope gets me feeling better! I also found out from the nurse that a group of about 1,000 students from New Spring went on a trip to FL recently and several came back with the Swine Flu. The nurse told me they had confirmed the cases and were trying to "keep it contained". Kinda Scary, huh???


Just laid around the house all day yesterday and today and did a whole bunch of nothing really. Watched alot of intervention and ate cheese grits...sounds so exciting doesn't it? If I'm better by tomorrow I'm supposed to get my "hair did!" at Jessica's new shop so I'm looking forward to that. I think I'm gonna pump up the blonde...this blah brownish blonde is about to do me in!

I better go because Roxy is licking the rest of my cheese grits out of my bowl and I gotta wrap up in my Snuggie...(thanks again Bubba...boy do I love it!)

Yea for medicine!

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Bubba said...

I hope you get feeling well. Rest and drink lots of water. If you need anything please let me know don't hesitate to call or text.