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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2009!

After another four hour nap to recover from our long drive home (see last post!) I'm ready to tell you all about the first six days of our vacation!

As you can see, the Georgie Boy got off to a good start! We made it to Lakewood on July 3rd with no problems! We got there a few minutes before mom and dad and got set up. They arrived a few minutes later and after they got their campsite set up we ordered a couple of those new Pizza Mia's from Pizza Hut...delicious! We didn't waste any time before we started having some fun!!!
Brian dressed up in this Patriotic Mullett...LOL!

We spent the 4th at the beach and pool and Dad grilled steaks for dinner before we went to the Lakewood Beach Party and Fireworks Extravaganza!
Brian doing Beach Limbo! Fourth of July Photo Op!
Ali and Amber in their Patriotic Accessories!

We went to Broadway at the Beach the next night to celebrate Ali's Birthday a few days early since we wouldn't be there on the 13th (her real birthday!) and she got whipped cream shoved in her face....loved every minute of it though!
We had a great time with Ali and Amber...they lived in their "college dorm" with us in the back of the Georgie Boy for most of the week!

Dad found some really neat sea shells that I'm going to use on some craft projects.... Me and Mom caught some crabs and eels...EWW!!!
Brian made friends with a shark....
And mom helped build a sand castle!

Here's some more of our Fun in the Sun....

Real! Ha! Ha!

We played putt putt one night, ate Seafood, and played in the Arcade! Fran, Carl, Morgan, Camryn, and Carl's sister Laura and her daughter, Madison, joined us for a day at the pool and went out to eat with us too...we were so happy to get to spend some time with them! Look what happened to Brian after he ate a bunch of shrimp and crawfish....He is obviously EXTREMELY ALLERGIC! We had to make an emergency trip to CVS for some benadryl and he was as good as new the next day!Poor thing! But even a big, swollen eye can't keep a true fisherman down! lol!
I loved my Mom's pretty dress...She's so sweet and beautiful!Trav got a hole-in-one!
Amber got a hole-in-one!!!And I even got one!!! Actually Trav and I got two hole-in-one's but I'm not one to brag...Ha!Ha!

Ali didn't have time to get one because she was too busy chasing her cell phone through the nasty putt putt river after she dropped it in mid-text...(A very funny site!) We tried to tell her there was a no texting policy for the course but telling her and her friends not to text would be like asking them not to breathe! Lol!

Whewww...that was a long one! We had a GREAT time and made so many GREAT memories! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week!

Yea for a vacation we'll never forget!

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