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Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 50th "We's Deddy!"

I have so many wonderful childhood memories with my Dad! He used to take us bike riding, get us chicken little sandwiches, make us star bologna and curly weinies, help us fly kites at Falling Creek, let us go in the woods with him, and sometimes even paint our toenails. He is AWESOME!!! One time he even took us on vacation after he cut his arm SEVERELY a few days before. He didn't want to disappoint us so he took his pain pills, loaded up the car, and took us all to Myrtle Beach as planned. We have pictures of him holding up his big casted arm so the waves couldn't reach it. We called him "Clubby" that vacation:) It's a blessing to be able to say that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is NOTHING "We's Deddy" wouldn't do for us! The least we can do is show him some BIRTHDAY LOVE!
Mom planned a fun party in Elberton...
...and Fran and crew showed up, too:)
Everyone loves Big Daddy!
Even Max!
Dad got lots of nice gifts which makes me so happy because he never gets anything for himself. He's so generous and unselfish!
Makayla had fun with her Big Daddy while trying to tear down the EZ up:)
He got a new belt from the Macks....
and other presents included a Visa Gift card, lots of Bass Pro Shop gift cards, a Columbia Tshirt, two new coiled water hoses, a Frog Cool Cloth and more:) Hope you enjoy it all, Dad!
Afterwards we sat around, listened to some music, and enjoyed the time together:)

And we laughed...
and joked...

... and ATE DESSERT! Yum!
Lots of Ice Cream...
TONS O' Toppings....
Sauces and Syrups of all kinds:)
The Birthday Boy blew out his candles and shared his sweet treat with Makayla:)
...which made her a little thirsty:)
Happy 50th Birthday to you Dad!!! We love you!


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