"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Friday, July 8, 2011

{In Full Bloom!}

I really lucked up at CVS yesterday! I ran in to get a birthday card and ended up getting a really great deal! I scanned my CVS card and got $3.50 in extra bucks and a coupon for a free Hershey bar:) I found some good bargains!
I got a birthday card for a friend, a new flag for the yard at 80% off...

This really cute wind chime that I decided to hang in the kitchen at 75% off...
a Hershey Extra Dark Chocolate bar that Travis had for dessert last night:), and a little rock for the window sill that says "Laugh" all for only 50 cent!
On the way home I noticed a neighbor's sunflowers:)...
...and my pretty white tree that has just blossomed!
I stopped to admire one of my last Gardenia blooms...I really think heaven could possibly be filled with fresh blooming Gardenias bushes:)

My pink tree is starting to bloom, too!

I also made a trip to Goodwill to check the Thursday $1 rack:)

I found this bag of kiddie spoons and forks for $1.25 which will be perfect for my Sunday School Class for stirring, scooping, music making and pretending! I washed them good and managed to squeeze them into the last little space I could find in one of my kitchen drawers.

I also found 17 really cute shirts, jackets, and jeans for only $17! My favorite was a 1970's sheer pullover in purple, pink, and white. It's so awesome! So in the wash they went....

...and one shirt still had the original tag on it:) Can't beat that! I also found an outfit to fix up for Cow Appreciation Day and it turned out so cute...stay tuned for pics!

Oh... I almost forgot! Someone wants to say "Hello"....

...or Meow!

(Sorry the pics are so blurry, I didn't realize I had my camera on the wrong setting:)

Happy Friday Everyone!



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